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1. | May 18, 2019
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2. | May 11, 2019
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3. | Jul 25, 2018
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4. | Jul 5, 2014
How could any of this be better stated? It colnud't.
5. | Jun 28, 2014
I have to say Brandon, that's one awesome lknoiog warpack. Your red is done superbly, and I think the basing color choices compliment the paint jobs even more.I wish I could find the motivation you have to work on my own models!
6. | May 10, 2014
Is that really all there is to it because that'd be flbeaargbsting.
7. | Apr 22, 2014
Thanks for stnritag the ball rolling with this insight.
8. | Mar 24, 2014
ANDY: Once more, Russia says 93no94 to Western Perversion. I92ve read this a couple of times now, and still can92t tell if the autohr of Mat Rodina is serious, or if this is a piss-take. Answers on a postcard, please. I've read your comment about this appalling, barbaric blog post a couple of times now and still can't tell if it (your comment, not the blog post) is serious or if it is a piss-take. Anyone glancing at the horrific stream of fascist comments in support of crushing homosexual rights in Russia that appear with the post can tell that it is absolutely serious, and your failure to issue a clear condemnation is reprehensible. It's nothing to joke about, even if it were a joke! A person of good conscience can't simply link to unspeakable filth of this kind and say make of it what you will. You're doing a great service by highlighting the obscene garbage being churned out by the crazed Russian nationalists (this is a guy whose work has appeared in the Russian mainstream press ), but you cannot simply stand on the sidelines.Can't help but wonder whether any of your Russophile readers will forward to condemn this apelike assault on civilization. They didn't the last time you pointed out a similarly outrageous assault. Seems they're all of one mind, and why shouldn't they be if the Kremlin is too.La Russophobeb4s last blog post..
9. | Mar 23, 2014
Thanks, everyone. I paentid 2 images for the Ron Artest show, and had a great time. I even got to meet Ron and chat for a little bit -- he was a very down to earth guy and took the time to shake hands and hang out with the gallery goers for a while. All in all, a great time.
10. | Mar 22, 2014
It's a relief to find soeomne who can explain things so well
11. | Jan 20, 2014
Jesteś większym specem od manilawoa niż ja więc może będziesz w stanie powiedzieć czy podobnego efektu nie uzyska się stosując:dla brązu z patynąIce Blue- LayeringBrazen Brass Intensywny DryBrushDwarf Bronze- lżejszy DryBrush dla zaznaczenia krawędzi i nitf3wDla podrdzewiałej stali:Boltgun Metal- intensywny DrybrushChainmail- Nieco lżejszy DrybrushFlesh Wash Rozwodniony washingChainmail- Bardzo lekki i miejscowy drybrush
12. | Jan 19, 2014
etot kurginyan saoldt rothschildov! ego tozhe raskrutshiwaut w Rossii dlja psewdosozialisma po trotskomu (nowi tolpolitarism) i raswala Rossii (revoluzia kak eto uzhe bilo) Info pro kurginyana na KPE.  ru !!!Dmitri Slawoljubov ..wash bibleiski projekt w rasnowidnoi forme skoro prowaliza i washa psewdowlast (kapitalism, pwsewdosozialism gde toka elita rulit a ne narod..) isbrannix balnix skoro bolshe nebudet