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1. | Jul 17, 2014
8N2hzs I truly appreciate this article.Thanks Again. Really Great.
2. | Jun 27, 2014
is it normal that the first time is seen the my first raetcion as an erection?AND that I've been watching this video every day ever senseAND that now i drive to school in a tankAND i haven't got a driving licence yet?
3. | Jun 18, 2014
About 9 years ago at a previous job, the group I was a mmeebr of had an office off the main cube farm. At some point, someone else on the project discovered Airsoft and we placed an order for several realistic Glock airsoft guns (cheap spring powered models, but still real looking). We used them for target practice against styrofoam cups and each other when things were slow. At some point afterwards, one of us left ours out and another person on the project saw it through our office door's window. Well, that person reported it to the Asst Program Director and we got pulled into an informal meeting. The Program Director and the Asst PD were asking us about guns in the office (no secret that we were gun nuts and hunters) and finally the light comes on for me when I realized what might have happened. I explained to them about the Airsoft gun and we were told to take them home and not bring them back. Remarkably laid back for Corporate America. No HR, no security, etc. Chris
4. | Jul 15, 2013
the gun has hop up so it would be accurate from wtiihn roughly 75 feet, but it'll flatten out making it accurate up to maybe 100 feet. Also the .12 gram bbs it was made to shoot are light and can easily change direction with the wind
5. | Mar 7, 2012
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