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User Comments:
1. | Jul 1, 2013
Oh, gente burra! kizomba ne3o e9 um ge9nero mucasil, mas sim um estilo de dane7a, que pode ser dane7ada em ve1rios estilos musicais, como o zouk, semba, salsa, merengue, enfim carae7as! e ela tem sim uma origem: Angola. Porra desse video a gaja falou mesmo a toa. E voceas ai, ne3o confudam estilo de dane7a e ge9nero mucasil. KIZOMBA VEM DE MASSEMBA, um estilo de dane7a oriundo dos musseques da antiga cidade de LUANDA, porraaaa! aprenderam?
2. | Jun 23, 2013
sWlC2W eyjizqdmiein
3. | Jun 23, 2013
Ishanghri пишет:Hari, dear Devotee, I was looking for Madhusudan Maharaj audio or video class in eglnish or russian language. I found link on this site to ustream, with 2 classes of Madhusudan Maharaj. But its not working: audio there is no sound, and video sound is too bad to hear anything. Pls inform me kindly if you will have any better source of his classes.your servantIshanghri dd
4. | Jun 23, 2013
The shade of colors and the fuzzy cluods/fog between mountains/hills, like the two of the horses and several scenary ones, make the photo look like traditional water color painting. They are breathtaking!!!