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1. | Feb 15, 2018
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2. | Feb 15, 2018
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3. | Jan 22, 2018
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4. | Jan 7, 2018
5. | Dec 16, 2013
I attended the Direct Access Program this weneekd (June 9th and 10th) at Bengaluru India. The mix of neuroscience and ontology is heady, to say the least!!Certain established Landmark facts' like your being gives your actions' were shattered at this program and it left many of us wondering!! At the same time, I felt that the new emphasis on splitting the way of being into its components gave much more clarity and understanding than merely say My marriage is not working and hence made it more workable.I wish we had a few more exercises on bracketing' and causing wonder' so that we can practise it in our areas. We did not even experience wonder because it was done so quickly.I am putting the 7 step process into work on different areas and it is too early to comment on the workability or the lack of it!!Out of chaos emerges clarity and I hope that out of this shake-up of existing fundamentals a huge shift will happen!!
6. | Dec 14, 2013
Ah ik vind deze kleur juist mooier!Maar ik was dan ook miednr fan van die je had besteld, alleen balen van die hak. Naja sowieso raar dat je een heel ander paar krijgt... Hoop dat je er nog wat leuks van kan maken, en anders misschien doorverkopen ofzo? (:
7. | Dec 13, 2013
Actually high heels are better as they force the wieght to the ball of the foot. You may wish to tie you rfeet at night. Tie the toes/ballof foot to ypur calve or ankle so that the bottom of the foot is stretched backwards. Rolling pin on the bottom before you go to bed or are watching TV. Exercise the plantar fascia ligament whenever you are standing. Putting on makeup, on the phone, waiting in line. Up and down on your toes. Comfortable shoes are a must. Heel cushions too.
8. | Dec 9, 2013
It might help if Rotten Tomatoes didn't draw on a range of idiots who reeivw, if it's reeivwing, for their blogs and/or THE SHITKICK MONTHLY ADVERTISER. Or THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, though our local shallow folks aren't the worst examples in dailies.I'm pretty instinctual about what I expect to be good, and tend to ignore even actually good reeivwers and critics reeivws until after I see a film. I'm also likely to see a film, particular on the cable services I pay so dearly for, about anything. Johnny Depp is on my Geezer Jeff list, as a pompous affected fool, whose pulchritude is lost on me and who hasn't displayed much talent beyond the ability to sulk since 21 JUMP STREET. But he's hardly the worst of the overpraised of his generation...despite each Terrence Malick film being worse than the last, I might well've considered the new one...till I learned from the trailer that it stars not only Brad Pitt, the mannequin, but Sean Penn, the scenery-masticator. Two flavors of incompetence is a long way to fall from Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.One of Pitt's unforgivable performances almost spoils TWELVE MONKEYS, one of the better timeslip films (when Bruce Willis is completely outclassing you as a thespian, it's past time to retire or go back to school).
9. | Dec 8, 2013
Hi Bernadette,Thanks for the comments. I sguegst reading the article I wrote on plantar fasciitis (below) and following the exercises as a starting point. Hiring a really good fascial therapist who has a successful history treating PF would be a good idea too. I have had great success in treating PF. In most cases, moving out of the acute pain stage within 3-4 sessions. Once you are out of the pain stage, it is time to focus on flexibility and corrective exercises to strengthen the arches, knees and hips. You will find a few in this article.Now, my guess is that you have been wearing shoes with a significant heel lift for many years. (I consider the heel lift of most running shoes to be significant). The heel lift in shoes places your achilles tendon in a shortened position. It does not get stretched out fully when you walk. This is compounded by heel strike. Over time the achilles and lower leg muscles in your calf become somewhat permanently shortened. This is the primary issue that causes PF and just about every other foot pain issue. The shortened state places strain through the plantar fascia and other structures which eventually become inflamed (for lack of a better term). This is also the reason going barefoot is so painful. When you are barefoot, you are forcing the full natural range of motion of your now shortened ankle which places excess stress on the achilles tendon. Plus the muscles of the lower leg and arches are not strengthened to handle this new ROM. So they get fatigued quickly. The key will be to work through the active pain of PF. Then begin a rehab process that focuses on increasing flexibility and strengthening the ankle and calves. When it comes to walking around barefoot: I would keep the amount of time down. Spend 5-10 minutes a day at first and over the course of weeks slowly add more time. It MUST be PAIN FREE. Start buying shoes with less of a heel wedge. Don't make a drastic move from the higher heels you are currently wearing to a zero drop over night. But eventually you will want a zero drop shoe, if your foot can handle it. This is a process that will take at least a year and possibly two years to fully adapt into. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Also, something you didn't mention in the above post. Do you wear orthotics?Jesse James Retherford
10. | Dec 6, 2013
KB Wrong, again. It's Christie and the Republicans who will pick off the Dem votes they need to pass Christie's budget and tool kit. The paniticiols have seen the handwriting on the wall and they know the populace is ready to throw out anyone who wants to raise taxes and support the public labor unions. I agree that there's a great chance for a shutdown, but the Dems will only be costing their labor masters a week or two of pay because Christie will NEVER approve paying them for the time they are off from work.Question for all those who favor the latest Millionaires tax (and for the first time we don't have to put it in quotes, because it really would only hit people bringing in a Million Dollars a year) McGreevey was the first to enact a millionaires tax, soaking those who made more than $500K for 9% per year, up from 6.4% (a 40% jump), and Corzine followed with a temporary tax jump to 10.25%; and neither seems to have fixed NJ's problems (EXPENSES), so what makes you believe that this latest money grab will do anything other than kick the can down the road as unsustainable programs are funded for yet another year? And what happens NEXT year when there's yet another revenue gap? The issue of who's sacrificing the most is just a giant smoke screen.