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77. | Nov 18, 2013
I think this is the bets poll, but i think it still seriously ueimrestdeatns the ACT vote. I'm looking at national on about 45%, and ACT well above the 5% treshold,(with Stephen Franks, Lockwood, and a couple more being virtual ACT MP as well)Now lets see Rodney push hard for Roger Douglas to be the Finance Minister.Hell yeah. even for just one year. Even for just one budget. Even for just the December minibudget,vote National to change the ACT to change the country forever
78. | Nov 15, 2013
gary thrappi'm paborbly not who you're looking for, however, i was ripped off by dean the christian' for 14K at his auburn auction 9/09. his brother, dan, was on the podium and encouraged me to settle for the 14K, which was a lesser amount than the reserve. if I settled, they would reduce the commission. clearly he knew his brother was in trouble and needed to capture every car sale. ironically, i grew up 15 miles from auburn and knew dan through sports from an early age. now he has his own firm. good luck . gary thrapp
79. | Nov 14, 2013
You have to have your insurance and dooctr change your address in their records. I got my own insurance and live on my own. The insurance has my new address but the dooctr didnt. So I had to make sure both were changed.
80. | May 24, 2013
FePIUD osonsbotybru
81. | May 19, 2013
Sure, pay for the visit out of pocket, inatsed of using insurance. The policyholder (your father) will get an explanation of benefits, showing the doctor charge. If you're NOT a dependent of your father, you should have your OWN coverage. As long as he's covering you and both of you are agreeing that you are his dependent (otherwise, you wouldn't be using HIS insurance!), he's entitled to this info.
82. | Apr 27, 2013
Rodney is afraid of his own party As was poenitd out by Rep. Lance in a recent Star Ledger Article he [Lance] was told they (The R's) would find someone to run against him in next years primary. And I would bet Rodney has been told the same thing toe the line and speak only the talking points. Too bad. Rodney and the rest of the R's are quoting statistics provided by Heritage Foundation (very Right Wing Conservative and another is a subsidiary of United Health, no bias there)We need a public option and we should be looking at the approach used by Germany, or France, or the Swiss. No one in those countries go without heath coverage, no one dies because of a lack of insurance (45,000 in U.S. every year according to Harvard Study and Journal of Medicine, no one files for bankruptcy because of medical costs (700,000 plus in this Country every year).The free market [the question here is what free market when it comes to the health insurance market ; Adam Smith is laughing at us from the grave) has done damage to the country. The R's should be worried as the cost of insurance pushes jobs over seas or if the company can't move operations over seas then they just reduce or in many cases just drops the health insurance coverage. Then again as long as their (The R's) major contributors and the Chamber of Commerce is happy they don't really care. For 60-years , since Truman ,. who had started to push for universal health in 1947/48, the R's and the insurance industry have blocked any attempt to level the playing field. And today they the insurance companies are fat , dumb and happy with their ever expanding profits. Now if they could only figure out how to cut back on Medicare or even eliminate it they could die happy.The question is what type of country or society do we want to live in? The other major industrial counties in the world made that moral decision years ago now can we make the same moral decision and then move forward with a fair and equitable plan that protect not only those who can afford to pay but also the weakest and poorest in our society. I wonder if Rodney has the stomach or the courage to do just that and not worry about the next election or what his party thinks.